Almighty Mod (almighty_mod) wrote,
Almighty Mod

Modly Admin Whatnot

Ok, there's going to be a spate of modly posts here, so read 'em all. They're all important... this is a busy day in the life of the Almighty Mod.

This post shall cover some basic admin stuff and reminders. Dull, I know, but important.

1. Christmas Gifts– Formatting and all that jazz
Gifts will all be posted from the owl_notes account.. POST ALL GIFTS IN ONE POST so we don't totally clutter up the commm, mmkay? You may want to put each person's gift under a separate cut, but you don't have to if you don't want to/don't know how to/are too lazy. Also DO NOT POST PICS unless you absolutely have to– link to them instead. Because otherwise our photobucket account will, like, explode or something. And that would be bad. Also note: You MAY comment on gift posts. If you're exchanging stuff with a character in private (which I will be with Harry, for instance), post that separately as a regular post from your character.

2. Yule Ball– reminder
Yule Ball... yeah, that'll be happening soon. It will begin on the evening of the 22nd and continue to the 23rd until it fizzles out, at which point I will cut it off. I'll make an announcement in my Modly way when the ball begins. I'll also create an outfit post à la the Halloween party if you want to show off/describe your spiffy outfits. Um... yeah, I think that's all about that.

3. ISSFE- reminder
For those of you participating in the fic excahnge, please be aware that your fics are due to me by the 24th emailed to If it's not in time, I shall be forced to PWN you and bust out the capslock. Ok? Ok.

4. Pimpin'– Bust out those canes!
Yes! 'Tis our early New year's Resolution: MORE PIMPING! Parvati had some ideas.... which I totally lost track of 0_o. Help me out, dears.... pimp and post places for me to pimp things as well..... and I also hope to come out with a new batch of pimping icons soon.

That's all for this post. The next one is more news/discussion/whatever on the character front.
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