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RP format– logs

Players, The Modly Ones have made a decision: we will now allow RP longs.

What does this mean, you ask? It means we allow you to, if you choose, play narrative RPs over IM, reformat them into a nice, rather fic-like form, and post them. Great examples of RP logs can be found over at oblivi8 and memories_logs if you'd like to get a better idea what I mean.

Theo and Harry have one that will be posted shortly, as well, which you can also look at for help. And of course, we'd be glad to answer questions, we both play in another game that uses them, so we know how they work. Logs should always be under cuts... the posting format I'll use for the Harry/Theo log will give you the gist of it. Also, if you ever want do do AUs/alternate endings of any of your plots, you may log them and post them on improper_fic should you so desire.

Characters may not comment on log posts, however, on log posts, and ONLY on log posts, you MAY give OOC comments, almost as if it's a fic. Just don't you DARE divulge any plot there.
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